ALBUM: DJ Jaivane – 5th Annual J1MS

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No perfect way to start the year than with “5th Annual J1MS” album as compiled by DJ Jaivane.

The Amapiano project contains songs by LeeMckrazy, Muziqal Tone, Sinny Man’Que, Tribesoul and DJ Jaivane. We have all looked forward to the release of “5th Annual J1MS”.

Check out DJ Jaivane – 5th Annual J1MS Album Tracklist

Dj Jaivane – Jungle Fever
Dj Jaivane – Refine (feat. J&S Projects) (Main Mix)
Muziqal Tone – Different
Dj Jaivane – Asiye (feat. Young Stunna)
Dj Jaivane – J1MS
Dj Jaivane – Makukhanye (feat. Young Stunna)
Dj Jaivane – OwnLaneBoy
Dj Jaivane – Surprise (feat. Scooby Steez)
Dj Jaivane – We Are Within
J&S Projects – Deep Level
J&S Projects – House Arrest (Main Mix)
J&S Projects – Mas’fika (feat. Chley)
LeeMckrazy – Ang’sajoli (feat. Sinny Man’Que)
LeeMckrazy – Eloyi (feat. Mashudu, DJ Jaivane & Sinny Man’Que)
LeeMckrazy – Es’toksini (feat. Sinny Man’Que)
LeeMckrazy – Malokazane (feat. DJ Jaivane & Sinny Man’Que)
LeeMckrazy – Sizoba Mnandi (feat. Nobantu Vilakazi, Amu Classic & Kappie)
Muziqal Tone – Mangena (feat. DJ Jaivane)
Muziqal Tone – Sokhonyo
Muziqal Tone – Tick Tock
Muziqal Tone – Toneless
Muziqal Tone – Wait There
Sinny Man’Que – Dedela Banye (feat. LeeMcKrazy)
Sinny Man’Que – Destination (feat. Guyu Pane) (Oxford Mix)
Sinny Man’Que – Golden Boys
Sinny Man’Que – Isinkwa (Vocal Mix)
Sinny Man’Que – Low-Key Dance (Oxford Mix)
Sinny Man’Que – Smiley (Vocal Mix)
Sinny Man’Que – Tap Dance (Oxford Mix)
Tribesoul – Duct (Main Mix).mp3

DJ Jaivane – 5th Annual J1MS

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