ALBUM: DJ Stoks – Stoks And Family

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DJ Stoks takes his career to a new level of vibes with the compilation that we have all been asking for, he calls it “Stoks And Family”.

“Stoks And Family” is a 22 track compilation  of both his old and new tracks, and DJ Stoks had the likes of KabeloSings, Brian The Vocalist, Zane and others as his back ups and feature.

Check out DJ Stoks – Stoks And Family Album Tracklist

1. DJ Stoks & Mel Muziq – Abazali (feat. KabeloSings & Zanes) MP3 Download

2. DJ Stoks & Mel Muziq – Bawo (feat. Zanes) MP3 Download

3. DJ Stoks & Ndoose_SA – Bambelela (feat. KabeloSings) MP3 Download

4. DJ Stoks & Mel Muziq – U’Musa (feat. Zanes) MP3 Download

5. DJ Stoks & Mel Muziq – Mama (feat. KabeloSings & Hlaks) MP3 Download

6. DJ Stoks, Mel Muziq & S&M Muziq – Bawo Ba Xolele (feat. KabeloSings) MP3 Download

7. DJ Stoks & Mel Muziq – Uyangi Jabulisa (feat. Soulful G, KabeloSings, Zanes & Tman Xpress) MP3 Download

8. DJ Stoks & Mel Muziq – Ngiyazi Fela Ngawe (feat. LeeMckrazy, 1804, KabeloSings & Hlaks) MP3 Download

9. DJ Stoks & Ndoose_SA – Kunzima Baba (feat. KabeloSings) MP3 Download

10. DJ Stoks & Ndoose_SA – Amasango (feat. KabeloSings) MP3 Download

11. DJ Stoks & Ndoose_SA – Traveller (feat. Brian The Vocalist) MP3 Download

12. DJ Stoks, Mel Muziq & Ndoose_SA – Trip To Kenya MP3 Download

13. DJ Stoks & Ndoose_SA – Awungi Fateli (feat. KabeloSings) MP3 Download

14. DJ Stoks & Ndoose_SA – Famous (feat. KabeloSings & Hlaks) MP3 Download

15. DJ Stoks & Mel Muziq – Jabula (feat. KabeloSings) MP3 Download

16. DJ Stoks & Ndoose_SA – Ley’ndawo (feat. KabeloSings & Hlaks) MP3 Download

17. DJ Stoks, Mel Muziq & Dzo 729 – Sophinda S’bonane (feat. KabeloSings, Miano, 20ty Soundz & Hlaks) MP3 Download

18. DJ Stoks & Mel Muziq – Slay Queens (feat. KabeloSings) MP3 Download

19. DJ Stoks & Ndoose_SA – Amashangane (feat. 1804, KabeloSings, Zanes & Hlaks) MP3 Download

20. DJ Stoks, Mel Muziq & Ndoose_SA – S’gudi S’nice (feat. Hlaks) MP3 Download

21. DJ Stoks, Mel Muziq & Ndoose_SA – Hip Hop Hooray (feat. Miano, Zanes, Hlaks & 20ty Soundz) MP3 Download

22. DJ Stoks, Dali & Zulu Mafia – Uyawisha (feat. Hlaks) MP3 Download

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