EP: Jullian Gomes – Slow Poison

Download Jullian Gomes Slow Poison EP ZIP

Jullian Gomes – Slow Poison EP Download. “Slow Poison” joins the burgeoning collection of Jullian Gomes.

Jullian Gomes has succeeded in increasing his fan base with “Slow Poison”.

Check out Jullian Gomes – Slow Poison EP Tracklist

1. Jullian Gomes – Darkness (feat. Samantha Thornhill)

2. Jullian Gomes – Temple of Snakes (feat. Martin Iveson)

3. Jullian Gomes – Control (feat. Jinadu)

4. Jullian Gomes – Stay (feat. Zaki Ibrahim)

5. Jullian Gomes – Toxic Love (feat. Ree Morris)

6. Jullian Gomes – As’hambe (feat. Tahir Jones)

7. Jullian Gomes – Ghetto Ballerina (feat. Fka Mash)

8. Jullian Gomes – Original (feat. B. Bravo)

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