ALBUM: Sparks Bantwana – The Return Of Sparks Bantwana

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Sparks Bantwana relaunches his music career with his most anticipated Gqom Album “The Return Of Sparks Bantwana”.

“The Return Of Sparks Bantwana” is a proof that Sparks Bantwana is still worth his onions. He had Character, Mtebza, Nge, Dj Arabic on the Mic to assist him.

Check out Sparks Bantwana – The Return Of Sparks Bantwana Album Tracklist

1. Sparks Bantwana – Ngake Ngaba NeMali ft. Tonic Jazz
2. Sparks Bantwana – Umdali ft. Nge & Dj Arabic
3. Sparks Bantwana – AmaRounds ft. Stilo Magolide, TDK Macassette & Bitter Soul
4. Sparks Bantwana – Qoqoqo ft. uJeje YiBhoza
5. Sparks Bantwana – Uyifakeni Lento ft. Madanon, Character & Newlandz Finest
6. Sparks Bantwana – 4Step Jimbo ft. Akiid & Adonyol
7. Sparks Bantwana – NgiHamba Nawe Remake ft. Professor & Scelo Gowane
8. Sparks Bantwana – Siyaphabaza ft. Akiid & Mtebza
9. Sparks Bantwana – Bayekeni ft. Dust
10. Sparks Bantwana – Maw’Bhemile Khoninte Khalayo
11. Sparks Bantwana – Walala LiyaBhoma
12. Sparks Bantwana – Sukendleleni ft. Scelo Gowane
13. Sparks Bantwana – Sthandwa Sami ft. Potoko Visuals


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